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State of Mississippi
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Mississippi Court Records - Just about all courts in America tend to be courts of record that is they are required by law to maintain a record of the proceedings. Mississippi courts are no exception. Furthermore these days few individuals escape mention in a court room records at some time all through his or her lives as witnesses, litigants, jurors, appointees to office or as petition signatories. Nevertheless Americans of a several of generations ago also expected to be present before local court proceedings while they were in session. It was a civic duty and in addition they could be fined if they did not attend. Mississippi court files reflect U.S. history. Tucked away in courthouses along with archives pretty much everywhere are the dreams and concerns of lots of citizens. The chances are good that your particular ancestors have left a concise record of at least some areas of life in a court room records.

Although the chancery court does hold probate records, it also holds records relating to other matters as well. Some of those records include mortgages, land titles, and other courthouse documents.

In 1817 the term "circuit" was used when state judges were forced to move around on a circuit in a given area to preside over civil court issues. Those courts are still much the same today as they were back then. The circuit court maintains records of marriage licenses, criminal court minutes, naturalization declarations, voter registrations, and related documents. The public can access those records at the courthouses themselves, at the FHL, or at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Mississippi Tax Records - Original tax records can be found in county courthouses. The Mississippi Department of Archives and History also has copies of some of the earlier records on microfilm. Although there collection is a large one, there are several missing records. Certain county tax rolls have been published.

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