State of Arizona
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State of Arizona Quick Facts
Statehood February 14, 1912 (48th)
Counties 15
Capital Phoenix
Land Area 113,990 Sq Miles (6th)
Population (2012) 6,626,624 (15th)
U.S. House Delegation 9 (D5 - R4)
Governor Jan Brewer (R) Office
Lt. Governor None
Secretary of State Ken Bennett (D) Office
Attorney General Tom Horne (D) Office
State Flower Saguaro blossom 
State Tree Palo Verde
State Song Arizona March Song ” 
State Bird Cactus Wren
State Nickname Grand Canyon State
State Motto "Ditat Deus," God Enriches

Arizona Court records cover a wide variety of genealogy topics that could guide you in your research, for example land ownership, courts, taxes, and naturalizations. Since Arizona court records cover a wide range of subjects, they can help you in many different ways. For instance, they may help you find ancestors' residences, identify occupations, identify financial information, determine citizenship status, or clarify relationships between people. Everything depends on the sort of court records that your particular ancestors" names can be found in. For Definitions of all court trems see the Genealogy Encyclopedia.

Nearly all courts in America are generally courts of record that is they are required by law to maintain a record of their proceedings. Arizona courts are no exception. Moreover in the present day few individuals escape mention in a court room records at some time during his or her lives as witnesses, litigants, jurors, appointees to office or as petition signatories. Even so Americans from a several of generations ago also expected to attend local court proceedings as long as they were in session. It was actually a civic duty and they could possibly be fined if they did not attend. Arizona court files emulate U.S. history. Tucked away in courthouses and archives pretty much everywhere are the desires and frustrations of lots of citizens. The prospects are good that your ancestors have left a concise record of at least some areas of life in a court room records.

Arizona is divided into 15 counties. Four counties (Mohave, Pima, Yavapai and Yuma) were created in 1864 following the organization of the Arizona Territory in 1862. All but La Paz County were created by the time Arizona was granted statehood in 1912. The County names: 8 of them named for Native American Tribes, 2 of them for People, 2 of them for Mountains, 2 of them for Rivers, and 1 of them for a Town.

This list of county and city government links is limited to government-maintained websites. If you know of a Arizona county that has an official government web site but is not linked, or if the link is in error, please send us an email so we may edit our database. Arizona State Government is located in Phoenix.

Arkansas is divided into 75 counties. Each county serves as the local level of government within its borders. There are 10 Counties with 2 County Seats.

State of Arizona County & City Government Links
County Seat Government County
County Seat Government
Apache St. Johns Mohave Kingman
Cochise Bisbee Navajo Holbrook
Coconino Flagstaff Pima Tucson
Gila Globe Pinal Florence
Graham Safford Santa Cruz Nogales
Greenlee Clifton Yavapai Prescott
La Paz Parker Yuma Yuma
Maricopa Phoenix
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