State of Alabama
Court Records Research

In general, the circuit court records and the office of the court clerk records in Alabama are not organized well. In fact, many of the older records are completely missing. Circuit court records and chancery records may be maintained by a single clerk's office in certain counties. However, most of the larger counties have separate clerks for each. Circuit court record maintenance is controlled by the state administrative office of the court.

The state supreme court records are maintained by the office of the state supreme court clerk. However, those records are given to the state's archives once 5 years have passed.


Alabama Tax Records - There are no indexes for county tax records, which are organized according to legal descriptions. Most Alabama tax records start in or after 1860, but there are a few earlier records in some counties. The Internal Revenue Assessment Lists for Alabama, 1865-1866 (NARA M754, 6 reels) at the National Archives should be consulted for information on those records. Voter Lists ("Returns for Qualified Voters") for the years of 1867 and 1868 can be found at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Those records contain quite a bit of information on naturalization. Those who were registered in the Winston County and Walker County returns were listed along with their birth dates and counties of birth. The Walker, Winston, Mobile, and Marion County returns have each been published.

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